TOP 3 Reasons for Molecular Hydrogen

3 reasons for h2

I hear it all the time. “Why would I even want to inhale hydrogen gas!”

Here are the three simple reasons.

The first one is the benefits H2 is becoming more and more popular around the world because of its potential therapeutic benefits it can give to the human body. These benefits have been shown to us through scientific studies not anecdotal evidence or testimonies (even though there are many of those) not marketing hype or stories altered from person to person I talking about actual scientific research and studies. In fact to date there have been over 700 studies (this is now 1,000+) on the therapeutic potential of H2 covering over 170 human disease models. Through these studies it can be concluded that H2 has therapeutic potential for virtually every organ in the body. Here’s a brief list of the benefits of H2. It has been shown to be a selective antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, anti-obesity anti-diabetic, anti-tumour, anti-cellular death and up regulates our body’s own antioxidant gene expression. It aids cell modulation, is neuro protective and radio protective, protective of DNA and RNA and improvement of cognitive function and that’s not even close to everything. H2 has been shown to do things that’s even making top scientists do a double-take which of course is why they’re doing more and more studies and why more and more fascinating research and benefits are being discovered about H2

The second reason is really easy. If you haven’t noticed almost everybody has health issues in today’s society and there are so many remedies health products claims and advice out there of what to do given the symptoms one of the best parts about H2 is that it is one thing with multiple benefits for multiple problems from the young to the old from the athletic to the diabetic from a stroke victim to the one with seasonal allergies and even the person that feels completely healthy H2 can help you just the way it is and on top of that one of the most popular ways to consume H2 is dissolved in water and everyone knows how important hydration is to our bodies. We need water. Our bodies are severely messed up without it. So the idea is that you can get something with a wide range of proven health benefits into your body while drinking something you were going to drink anyway reason. It’s a no brainer.

Thirdly and most importantly H2 is safe. So out of all the studies I’ve mentioned H2 has shown to have no cytotoxic effects. Cytotoxic just means harmful or poisonous to living cells. Not only that but h2 is naturally produced in the gut so it is not foreign to the body. Not only that but H2 has been used in deep-sea diving since the 1940s at concentrations up to 98% with minimal to no cytotoxic effects not to mention we can literally breathe out the H2 if we ever get too much. If you ask me this is a huge benefit considering nearly everything can have side effects or even be harmful in excess amounts even water can be deadly if you drink too much at a time. So let’s review why you should consume H2? Because the benefits are two many to count and because it’s so easy my 3 year old can do it and because it is as safe as breathing.

My question to you is: Is there any reason not to get H2 in your life in some form or fashion.


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