Depleting Deuterium Helps Restore Your Metabolism


Think of your body as a reservoir. It simply holds what you give it and uses it as you need it.

Now, picture your body as having two sources of water – the water that you drink and the water that your mitochondria make from the food you eat. Different water sources have varying levels of deuterium content from its source. For example the water you drink that is in soft drink, cordial, etc. have different, typically much higher, deuterium content as well.

So in summary the deuterium content in your blood and tissues is a combination of the deuterium in the water you drink and the water made by your mitochondria from what you eat.

Now why is your deuterium level so important to your health?

The most important isotope we encounter through food and liquids is deuterium, the heavy isotope of hydrogen atoms, and hydrogen ions drive and spin our energy producing nano-motor, ATP synthase, by an incredible ~1500 hydrogen ions transferred per second. See video below to understand how it works.

As heavy deuterium isotopes break this delicate protein in our cells, it may cause metabolite crowding, which sets the stage for population diseases, which may affect you.

There are diagnostic tests that allow us to see what deuterium level we have in our body and what kind of havoc it may be causing to our metabolism. If it is too high we can use a medical food protocol, supplement and/or use deuterium depleting water to bring it down to a level where the body’s natural mechanisms is now able to effectively control and deplete deuterium.

For general health and disease risk evaluations, contact the Flower of Light’s Clinic’s for their deuterium depletion and metabolic restoration advice to improve your health because if your body can’t deplete deuterium on its own, we need to look deeper.

And this is the story that involves your nano-motors.


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